Monoatomic Gold - Alchemically Produced - Manna - Philosopher's Stone

For everyone who wants to know more...

Have you heard of monoatomic elements?

The answer could very likely be "no" as word of these amazing molecules doesn't seem to have gotten into the mainstream even after many decades of research. Monoatomic elements, also known as ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Molecules of Unusual Size), are a group of molecules that can be classified as “pre-metals” and possess, among other things, the ability to correct DNA.

ORMUS or ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Mono-Atomic Elements) have also been referred to as White Gold, Manna, Philosopher's Stone, Monoatomic Gold, M-State, and Microclusters. These molecules exist in a state that is pre-metal, meaning they are not the metals - gold, silver, platinum, etc. - but are "folded" and can open into these elements when stimulated in a certain way will.

Discovered by Einstein in the 1920s, these monatomic elements are said to be "10,000 times more common than their metallic counterparts". These special molecules are said to exist in large amounts in seawater and large amounts can also be found in spring water.

ORMUS molecules are also found in organic products and in the tissues of every living thing. In fact - "up to 5% of the dry matter of our nervous system could be ORMUS elements."

These elements contain a third dimension of molecules. The interesting thing about these molecules is that when isolated, they appear to behave consciously, performing feats such as levitation and teleportation. They appear to exhibit the properties of consciousness itself, meaning - they appear to be what drives all of life to grow upward, seek, expand and move to the next level.

Regarding DNA, sources say that the cause of aging, as well as many degenerative disorders including cancer, AIDS, and others, has to do with accumulated damage to DNA.

Make room for this legendary "philosopher's stone" in your life.

Try the effect it has on you!

It is recommended to take a few drops in the morning and evening.

We have heard from a wide range of experiences so far.

A slight internal vibration, more dreams, more clarity, certain physical symptoms disappear, one becomes more relaxed and calm, digestion was stimulated, slight inner restlessness and much more.

Enjoy the start of the "Monoatomic Gold" adventure! We live in a time of change and this product fits perfectly into the quality of the times and can support and help us to transform.

The spiritual essence of the gold was transferred in a completely alchemical way. Our pure product meets all parameters for its effectiveness and digestibility.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Trace Material Gold, Full Spectrum Energetic Gold .

Since our product does not contain any colloids, it is absolutely compatible.

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