Monoatomic gold - help or nonsense? - What is monoatomic gold?

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to add that I only ever give something out when I'm really convinced of it. This is of course also the case with our "Monoatomic Gold". Unfortunately, there are still "infidels" who can only believe what they can touch or see.

Here you can see how deeply we as spiritual beings have descended into matter. Basically, however, it is the case that we cannot perceive most of the "miracles of life" and the spirit that animates matter is not visible to most, but determines our life and forms the basis.

To this day, for example, no one can explain where the sinus node gets its impulse to make the heart beat. Or why children's bodies only allow very specific bacteria to "eat off" the roots for a certain period of time when milk teeth are about to fall out. Just imagine this control getting out of control....

The last example in particular should be kept in mind in times of Corona.

We have great times of change, not only that livelihoods are destroyed, people kill themselves because of it, people die of diseases, vaccinations or fear and despair.

Here we need mental, spiritual strength and to achieve this, monoatomic gold can support us.

The ancient wisdom schools in Egypt knew about it and the material was used for initiations and also Pythagoras used it as a wisdom teacher.

So if you want to achieve mental clarity, you certainly have a good helper here, who cannot let clarity and intuition grow, but can make us more sensitive again.

Therefore, monatomic gold is very real on a subtle, mental level and not nonsense just because you can't see it in that sense.

On the other hand, it also makes or creates very real things in the real world. These elements have also been known in the past as White Gold, Manna, Philosopher's Stone, Monoatomic Gold, M-State, and Microclusters.

These particular m-state molecules are said to exist in large quantities in seawater, and large quantities can also be found in spring water, although one must know how to 'retrieve' the elements from such sources. ORMUS molecules are also found in organic products and in the tissues of every living thing. In fact - "up to 5% of the dry matter of our nervous system could be ORMUS elements."

These amazing elements don't fit the regular two-dimensional periodic table, and in fact compose an entirely different class of molecules that behave more closely to a vacuum state than to metal, glass, or gas.

These elements contain a third dimension of molecules - a class that is not yet fully understood. Given the ORMUS properties, what happens if our current periodic table is incomplete? “It has been found that what is called carbon is not always carbon. Sometimes it's something else. Actually, what is called calcium is not always calcium; sometimes it's something else. Actually, what is called silicon is not always silicon; sometimes it's something else. What is sometimes called iron is actually not always iron; sometimes it's something else. And that is actually ORMUS. "

The interesting thing about these molecules is that when isolated, they appear to behave consciously, performing feats such as levitation and teleportation. They appear to exhibit the properties of consciousness itself, meaning - they appear to be what drives all of life to grow upward, seek, expand and move to the next level. Regarding DNA, sources say that the cause of aging, as well as many degenerative disorders including cancer, AIDS and others, has to do with accumulated damage to DNA. David Hudson spoke about ORMUS in this context and said:

"They claimed it perfected the body's cells. Well, tomorrow I can show you the Bristol-Myers-Squib research that shows this material interacts with DNA and corrects the DNA. All the carcinogenic damage, all the radiation damage, all are corrected from these elements in the presence of the cell. They do not chemically react with each other, just correct the DNA." This is not anti-everything. This is not anti-AIDS. This is not anti-cancer. This is pro-life. It is literally the spirit. The material is not here to cure AIDS. The material is not here to to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our body. It puts our body in the condition it is meant to be.

It is our own immune system that fights and heals the disease. When you can correct your DNA in every cell in your body. If you can fix the damage done by the cancer, if you can fix the damage done by the virus. You literally become a perfect being. You return to the original healthy state you were meant to be in.

So it is certainly worth trying the monoatomic gold and going on an adventure and adventure trip.