About us

Amanté Samraj Riethausen -

I have been involved in naturopathy for more than 30 years and have primarily gained knowledge about the energetic aspects of life. I was one of the pioneers of the radionic movement in Germany and am one of the leading teachers of the DORN method and the Breuss massage, which I have had the privilege of teaching more than 15,000 people. I have taught many people how to “feel energy” and how to work in the human energetic field without touching it. I've dabbled in raw food, started the light food process, and consider a raw food diet and drinking the purest (steam-distilled) water to be the best diet.

I was always looking for something special and different in my life.

So many useful things accumulated in my life that I consider essential to live a good, healthy and fulfilling life.

I have been using most of the products myself for years and decades or I can fully stand behind the products because of their goodness and quality.

So I hope to enrich the lives of many people with this offer, to inspire them to use everything I have collected with joy.