Recommended intake for monoatomic gold - for those who want to know more

Suggested Use Monoatomic Gold

Please shake the bottle before use. Place the drops directly under the tongue and leave in the mouth for some time for additional absorption through the oral mucosa.

With the alchemical monoatomic gold 30 ml, we recommend 4 drops (approx. 1/5 pipette in the evening before going to bed and early in the morning after getting up) directly under the tongue. With 30m1 bottles, these should last for about 2 months. Storage: Do not store in strong magnetic fields or in direct sunlight. Note: Please ensure that the pipette is not contaminated with saliva. The optimal time to take it is just before bedtime, as the body can metabolize the elements best overnight, and the subconscious is also very receptive to the energy during sleep.

If you want to activate the effect more during the day, take the drops shortly after getting up or at noon. The recommended daily dose can be adjusted individually, listen to your inner voice or feel it intuitively. For some, a smaller amount is enough, others want to increase the effect and take twice or more of the recommended daily dose. You can also apply the monoatomic gold directly to the skin (neat or in ointments), either on a specific chakra (e.g. the forehead) or body area where you particularly want to produce the effect. With children, you should make sure that they don't get too much and then become overexcited. Especially with hyperactive children, you should start slowly and observe the effect first. Start with 1-2 drops and slowly increase the dose as you feel, diluting it with water if necessary. It is important that you listen to your body and your intuition.

Since the duration of taking monoatomic gold is to be seen in the long term (at least 3-6 months). After weeks/months of use, feel or test whether you might need a break. Since the effect of the monoatomic elements in the body causes a lot of "work" for the psyche, we may need breaks of a few days to several weeks from time to time. In addition, you should supply your cells with sufficient energy, i.e. with high-quality food, mitochondria increase ATP ( Cell fuel) can produce.

Due to the high psychological and energetic radiation, especially on our DNA (especially the telomeres), our body can be challenged and may need more energy. Ensure a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and possibly take additional food supplements. Supportive measures: Please take into account that due to the intake of monoatomic elements, all areas of the human being are exposed to acceleration and elevation. That is why we recommend support for body, mind and soul. - Nutritional supplements: Lemon juice, flower pollen (including bee products), algae products, minerals, ATP (glucose fuel for the cells and mitochondria), etc. Sufficient sunlight, oxygen and 2 - 3 liters of pure, healthy water daily - stays in nature, sufficient time for yourself, breathing exercises, yoga, Chi Gong or Tai Chi, spiritual "healing and transformation work", fasting cures, silence and rest, meditation, love, sensuality, tenderness.