"DORN's vortex therapy - a stroke of genius from a medical layperson -"

"DORN's vortex therapy - a stroke of genius from a medical layperson -"

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A gift to the people - make something of it!

This book belongs in the hands of every person who can read, understand and be amazed and has an open mind that some things, although they may be different from the conventional and although some of them may not be explainable, still work.

Basically, the "DORN vertebral therapy" should be part of every kindergarten and school, so that people learn to help themselves in relation to the spine, the pelvis and the hip joints and also recognize that there is a nice piece of work for each other without risk can help.

The method is simple in principle and also easy to learn. You can't do any harm and you learn the wisdom, the ability and the power of your body to do amazing things with the right impulses.

But that is exactly what makes the method often misunderstood, it is dismissed as a "fairy tale" or as a "crazy thing".

But here it is important to dive in, look closely, do it practically and learn to recognize and understand why it is one of the most wonderful methods in the world to help people with back problems and everything related to it.

With this book, the author Amanté Samraj Riethausen would like to share knowledge and experiences of the last more than 22 years and from teaching more than 15,000 students and help people to accept, use and share this wonderful gift from the "farmer" Dieter DORN.

In theory and practice, the "DORN vortex therapy" is illuminated and described in detail in this book, so that there is hardly anything missing to be successful with it and to help yourself and others.

Over 150 pages with more than 130 pictures and picture explanations, compact explanations and instructions on how the DORN method works. This in large format A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) in legible 12 pt font and large pictures that show everything how it's done.

The many positive experiences with this method, some of its own, have made it an integral and irreplaceable part of his life, in which he is fully absorbed. The lessons with physiotherapists, alternative practitioners, doctors and many interested laypeople have allowed him to mature into a high level of competence through the many dialogues, the exchange and the immense experience. The logical consequence was to make this knowledge available to the world in order to make it a little healer, brighter and better and to make life easier for people.
With his book he would like to answer the question of whether it is unavoidable that almost all people have back problems, because if you know the "vertebral therapy according to DORN" and have seen the great results for decades, then you simply cannot understand it! The method therefore needs a lot of support so that this can change.

With more than 150 pages, around 130 pictures and many self-help exercises, this book is a standard work for the successful application of "DORN vertebral therapy" Years of application, the well-founded source is to convey the knowledge in a simple, compact and authentic way and try to put the impossible into words and explain, as far as one can explain an outsider method. For anyone who is interested in why almost everyone has back pain and what you REALLY can do about it, this book is an excellent source of information that makes you want to try it out. Because of the lively and practical explanations, this is possible for everyone. A book that belongs in the hand of every person, for learning, for information for entertainment, because after all, "DORN vortex therapy" is a folk healing method and as such it should be seen and stay alive.

Anyone who has already been to Amanté Samraj Riethausen's seminars now has a nice repetition and summary as a memory. For everyone else maybe an inspiration to learn this together with the author live.



Large format A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), 12 pt font -

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Large format A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), 12 pt font -

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HARDCOVER, 152 PAGES, OVER 130 PICTURES, large format A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), 12 pt font - € 64.80 euros

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